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April 8th, 2010

Show Me the Money; What’s Next in Alaska; Revised Deal in California


Obama’s offshore oil drilling plan spurs push for billions in royalties
“President Obama’s pledge last week to open huge areas for offshore drilling does more than expand potential oil and gas production. It creates an opportunity to pressure oil companies to pay billions of dollars for past deep-water oil production if they want to drill in the new areas.
At issue is a hotly contested law that, as read by the court, has allowed companies to avoid paying royalties on oil drilled in the Gulf of Mexico. Critics, including Representative Edward J. Markey of Malden — who plans to introduce legislation next week — now seek to force companies such as ExxonMobil and Shell to begin paying on those existing leases as a condition of obtaining new ones. The payments could add up to $50 billion for federal coffers.”

Al Gore Expresses Disapproval Of Obama’s Offshore Drilling Plan


Agency faulted over handling of Alaska offshore oil drilling,0,6269729.story

What’s next for oil in the Alaskan Arctic?


Effort to reach California offshore oil drilling deal revived,0,1014179.story
“Environmental groups say a previous failed pact with a Texas firm has been retooled to make it more acceptable, allowing new platforms but setting an end date for drilling. Not everyone is convinced.”


Offshore drilling plan opposition runs deep

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February 9th, 2010

Offshore Oil – Bad Deals, Bans and Protests


Don’t trade oil for parks


Oregon House votes for 10-year ban on off-shore oil and gas drilling


A ‘human line in the sand’
“Floridians who don’t want oil drilling as close as 3 miles head for the beaches this Saturday for the simplest demonstration ever.”
Also: Join hands to prevent Gulf drilling
“Our goal is to persuade legislators and Gov. Charlie Crist to drop the folly of offshore oil drilling. All it takes is one accident — one oil spill. It is just not worth the risk to our environment and coastal tourism industry.”
Also: Protest aims at oil drilling


Virginia’s misguided rush to drill offshore,0,6391655.story
“In the heated debate over offshore drilling, policymakers have […] largely ignored the coastal environment and economies that would be subjected to potential harm from new offshore drilling such as off Virginia’s coast. […] It is disturbing that in their rush to drill, oil and gas drilling advocates in Virginia would oppose prudent studies on the impact of drilling on our precious Chesapeake Bay, our sensitive coastal wetlands, and our highly lucrative tourism and fishing industries that are completely dependent on clean beaches and healthy ocean waters.”

In Virginia, offshore drilling a bipartisan goal,0,3211440.story
The space agency, which operates a launching facility on the Virginia shore, says drilling would pose a safety risk because of the rigs’ proximity to where rocket components fall into the Atlantic.”You’d think 50 miles out would not be a problem,” NASA spokesman Keith Koehler said. “But for us, it is. It’s right in the middle of our launch range.”

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February 4th, 2010

Opposition to Offshore Drilling – East and West


Offshore Drilling Will Not Wean Us Off Foreign Oil

Offshore Oil Drilling Environmental Facts (


Eco groups withdraw support of Calif. oil drilling

Three articles on the announcement by Lt. Governor nominee Maldonado that he will vote no on the PXP project if it comes back to the State Lands Commission:

Lieutenant governor nominee to vote against offshore oil drilling plan
Maldo: No On Oil Drilling Plan
Lt. Gov. nominee could cast vote on new oil-drilling off Calif. coast

A system in peril: Budget cutters again target the state parks
“This year, rather than proposing deep, painful cuts as he has for the last two years– only to have them rejected by popular outcry – the Governor has tried a different game of political “chicken.” His latest budget proposes to eliminate all General Fund support for state parks and replace it with uncertain funding from a highly controversial oil-drilling project that has been rejected twice. The Administration proposes to cut $140 million allocated to state parks and offset it with future revenues from oil drilling off the Santa Barbara coast. So, the “fortune” of California’s state parks would be inextricably linked to an oil drilling proposal that already failed to get approval – not once, but twice in 2009.”


Oil drilling could hurt offshore game fishing, researchers say

Statewide event opposes offshore drilling

Protesters oppose offshore drilling

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